Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little freaked...

 I'm a little scared right now. It's a bit complicated, but seriously, it's bad. I think there's a kidnapper going around. Now, I don't have any little siblings, 'cause I'm the baby of the household. (Which is bad when I have two older brothers. I've only talked about one of them, so from now on I guess I'll refer to him as Uno and our eldest brother as Dos...) Anyway, Jamie does have a little sibling. Two, actually. Twin girls. One of them, we'll say A, has disappeared, after three other girls in town have gone missing. No ransom note, no warning, no threats, just gone. The other sister, we'll say B, is scared to death, as is Jamie.

 Personally, I'm scared. Both for B, and for my little cousin. The police are baffled, and they haven't found any pattern. The only thing they've found is that all the girls' families live near wooded areas.

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