Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Post

 Hello, blog followers! (I'm surprised I have some, actually.) I have a few updates, actually. Most of them aren't related to the venue(should I just call it a club?) , but I guess just writing about that place would get boring after a while, right?

 First off, someone stole my camera. I got the thing for my birthday and just haven't bothered using it until now. If it were to stop working, I'd at least hope I broke it instead of someone else using it. A bit odd priority-wise, I know, but it really doesn't matter to me.

 Secondly, my best friend(he insists on being called by name, so call him Jamie) has decided he wants to come out of the closet. Not sure how to respond to that, but it's there. I'm the first person he told, so I guess I was his trial run? (Then again, I don't entirely believe him: he'll do anything for attention, as much as he'd hate to admit it.)

 My brother wants to plant some trees in grassy area around Seven Skies. I think it's a great idea. Then he said he wanted them to be fruit trees so he could sell him. I think he'd sell his own soul for a quick buck, but that's besides the point. I think he's already looking at trees to buy, but I'm still not sure about his plan... (Then again, how cool would it be to have a hammock or something out there?)

- Alex


  1. Eh? Is there a problem? (I really hope it's not about Jamie's alleged preferences.)