Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad news

 Seriously bad mojo going on here. The little girls? One of them was found. That's not good news. She was dead, with.... with her organs ripped out of her body. Except the organs were put back. What kind of sicko did this?

 Jamie's worried himself literally sick over his sister, and now? He's not leaving his room. Doesn't help that the first girl was found near their house. It wasn't B, thank goodness, but... That might not be a good thing.

 And unrelatedly, I'm pretty sure my "stalker" is actually stalking me. I saw him at school today. He was off school property, but... I know it was him. Could he be the guy who did this...? No, that's jumping to conclusions...

Friday, March 18, 2011


 The police still don't have any leads. I'm really worried. A still hasn't been found, and they've had days. I think the police are talking about giving up. Jamie's poor dad... First he loses his wife, then one of his little girls... B has been talking about seeing a man around recently. A tall guy with a suit and tie. She says she didn't see his face very well, but he was very pale, and bald. Odd... It sounds familiar... No, I'm jumping to conclusions.

 Uno and Dos... Well, they told me I could use their names, so Kyle and Jeremy. Anyway, Kyle is being looked at as a suspect, of all people. He doesn't even fit B's description! In fact, he's the exact opposite of it! This is just getting worse and worse...

 And not to pile on more bad news, but for some reason, Seven Skies has been ransacked. Nothing's been taken, as far as we know anyway, and the cash register still had all the money in it. The police haven't gotten to it yet, due to the kidnapper on the loose, but even I have no clue who could have done it...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little freaked...

 I'm a little scared right now. It's a bit complicated, but seriously, it's bad. I think there's a kidnapper going around. Now, I don't have any little siblings, 'cause I'm the baby of the household. (Which is bad when I have two older brothers. I've only talked about one of them, so from now on I guess I'll refer to him as Uno and our eldest brother as Dos...) Anyway, Jamie does have a little sibling. Two, actually. Twin girls. One of them, we'll say A, has disappeared, after three other girls in town have gone missing. No ransom note, no warning, no threats, just gone. The other sister, we'll say B, is scared to death, as is Jamie.

 Personally, I'm scared. Both for B, and for my little cousin. The police are baffled, and they haven't found any pattern. The only thing they've found is that all the girls' families live near wooded areas.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Post

 Hello, blog followers! (I'm surprised I have some, actually.) I have a few updates, actually. Most of them aren't related to the venue(should I just call it a club?) , but I guess just writing about that place would get boring after a while, right?

 First off, someone stole my camera. I got the thing for my birthday and just haven't bothered using it until now. If it were to stop working, I'd at least hope I broke it instead of someone else using it. A bit odd priority-wise, I know, but it really doesn't matter to me.

 Secondly, my best friend(he insists on being called by name, so call him Jamie) has decided he wants to come out of the closet. Not sure how to respond to that, but it's there. I'm the first person he told, so I guess I was his trial run? (Then again, I don't entirely believe him: he'll do anything for attention, as much as he'd hate to admit it.)

 My brother wants to plant some trees in grassy area around Seven Skies. I think it's a great idea. Then he said he wanted them to be fruit trees so he could sell him. I think he'd sell his own soul for a quick buck, but that's besides the point. I think he's already looking at trees to buy, but I'm still not sure about his plan... (Then again, how cool would it be to have a hammock or something out there?)

- Alex

Friday, March 4, 2011

Opening Day!

 So my brother opened up his venue today. It was awesome! He had a local band on stage, and a local caterer, aka our aunt, gave us a discount for the occasion. Not to mention all of my friends went and we had a blast! Everyone had a good time, but it ended just a little while ago because one of the band members got sick. Oh well.

 Oddly, that creepy guy? He was watching from across the street. Left before I got a good look at him. Am I being stalked? Maybe I'm overthinking this. Heh. He probably just has a route that goes through that place. I saw a little girl go by there a little later, so there's probably a lot of people who go through there.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Opening soon!

 Last night, I went with my brother to see the venue. It's about a week or so before it's opening. I would have pictures, but I forgot the camera. Sorry, guys. (I might get pics later, though.) It looks really cool, though. It's like a jazz bar or cafe or whatever, but better. Mostly because of the large stage in front.

 Anyway, what's weird is I saw this guy in a suit staring at us across the street. I couldn't get a good look at his face, but he was really tall. I don't know why he stuck out, but he was really creepy. Plus, he was the only one besides us out there.

 Other than that, nothing's happened to me since I last posted. Wait, strike that. I've had to take, like, three tests at school. So boring. But besides that, nothing.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey guys

So I started a blog. Cool, right?

... Not really. I guess none of you know who I am, so should I start there? I have no clue. I'm not normally good at this whole "technology" thing. Which puts me in an odd state of being behind the times. I'm a teenager, by the by, so that makes me weird. Oh well. Who isn't? Am I right?

 Anyway, I'm Alex. I'm not your average teen, as you can see by my proper grammar and lack of techno skill. Despite that, I'm pretty good at some video games. Even if game systems have died on me... My older brother and I usually play together, though he usually beats me. Oh well. I never claimed to be good.

 My brother recently opened up a club of sorts, though he call it a "venue". Beats me why. Whatever the reason, he wanted me to start a blog or something to get word out about it or something. Not that I'm comfortable with giving away my location over the internet. Though, people who know us and get linked to the blog may learn something about the place. Who knows?

 (By the by, I doubt anyone will read this. Just saying.)

 Oh, I almost forgot! I named this blog after his venue, Seven Skies.

- Alex