Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey guys

So I started a blog. Cool, right?

... Not really. I guess none of you know who I am, so should I start there? I have no clue. I'm not normally good at this whole "technology" thing. Which puts me in an odd state of being behind the times. I'm a teenager, by the by, so that makes me weird. Oh well. Who isn't? Am I right?

 Anyway, I'm Alex. I'm not your average teen, as you can see by my proper grammar and lack of techno skill. Despite that, I'm pretty good at some video games. Even if game systems have died on me... My older brother and I usually play together, though he usually beats me. Oh well. I never claimed to be good.

 My brother recently opened up a club of sorts, though he call it a "venue". Beats me why. Whatever the reason, he wanted me to start a blog or something to get word out about it or something. Not that I'm comfortable with giving away my location over the internet. Though, people who know us and get linked to the blog may learn something about the place. Who knows?

 (By the by, I doubt anyone will read this. Just saying.)

 Oh, I almost forgot! I named this blog after his venue, Seven Skies.

- Alex

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